0Absolute Recycling Service

Complete Electronics Recycling and Data Destruction services.

Remember: Because you cannot get at your data - Does not mean others cannot.

DO NOT simply discard old computer systems (either "on the curb" or at the local dump - your old data is very often easily recoverable and you would NOT want someone you do not know having access to your Data (old emails, pictures, home movies, bank information, etc.)

We Recycle:

  • Computers (personal, workstation & server)
  • Monitors
  • Printers / Copiers
  • Mainframes
  • Cell Phones /Telecom
  • Fax Machines / Plotters
  • Hard Drives
  • UPS’s (battery Back-up devices)

Our Services Include:

  • Data Wipe (Dept of Defense level)
  • Hard Drive Destruction/Shredding
  • De-installation of Data centers
  • Final Disposition Solution
  • Scheduled Pick-ups
  • eWaste Recycling
  • Drop-off location

We pick up and recycle most unwanted electronic equipment throughout the local SE Wisconsin / NE Illinois area.